Oh shame on me I have failed to keep running [due to injury], have only exercised every other day & haven’t blogged for at least 1 week. This feels like a confession.

Any way I have been swimming alot this week, I have found a 12 week beginner programme designed to take a novice swimmer up to their 1st triathalon. I got this from 1 of the triathlon magazines, it needs 4 days a week which is ok at the moment while I can’t run. As soon as I get back to running I’ll have to drop 1 of the swim sessions. So this week I did these sessions:

Monday was an endurance session of 1000m comprising a 200m warm up, with 4 x 100m & 15 seconds rest between sets, then 6 x 50m pull using a pull buoy [I didn’t have 1 so had to do the 50m with it moving my legs which was interesting] followed by 100m warm down

Wednesday was a threshold session of 300m warm up with 5 x 100m with 25m hard, then 50m hard, 75m hard, 50m hard and 25m hard with the remaining distance of each set steady then a 200m warm down

Tonight was a speed session which was 300m warm up followed by 10 x 50m [25m hard & 25m easy] & a 200m warm down. This was difficult tonight because the pool has decided that they would remove the lanes when they have the kids inflatable up in 1 half of the pool so it meant I had to weave around quite a bit.

I cant wait to get running again but I am going to give it until next week before I do just to make sure that I don’t break down again. I never thought that I would crave running, I think this makes me officially sad.

Anyway well done to all of the Janathoners who have managed to keep going every day.


About iRun iTri

I'm a runner aiming to do my first triathlon in 2011
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One Response to Fail

  1. Chris says:

    good luck with the swim course. when’s your first tri? what distance?

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