Oh shame on me I have failed to keep running [due to injury], have only exercised every other day & haven’t blogged for at least 1 week. This feels like a confession.

Any way I have been swimming alot this week, I have found a 12 week beginner programme designed to take a novice swimmer up to their 1st triathalon. I got this from 1 of the triathlon magazines, it needs 4 days a week which is ok at the moment while I can’t run. As soon as I get back to running I’ll have to drop 1 of the swim sessions. So this week I did these sessions:

Monday was an endurance session of 1000m comprising a 200m warm up, with 4 x 100m & 15 seconds rest between sets, then 6 x 50m pull using a pull buoy [I didn’t have 1 so had to do the 50m with it moving my legs which was interesting] followed by 100m warm down

Wednesday was a threshold session of 300m warm up with 5 x 100m with 25m hard, then 50m hard, 75m hard, 50m hard and 25m hard with the remaining distance of each set steady then a 200m warm down

Tonight was a speed session which was 300m warm up followed by 10 x 50m [25m hard & 25m easy] & a 200m warm down. This was difficult tonight because the pool has decided that they would remove the lanes when they have the kids inflatable up in 1 half of the pool so it meant I had to weave around quite a bit.

I cant wait to get running again but I am going to give it until next week before I do just to make sure that I don’t break down again. I never thought that I would crave running, I think this makes me officially sad.

Anyway well done to all of the Janathoners who have managed to keep going every day.

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Leg is f@&%d

I haven’t blogged since Thursday because I have knackered my left shin. In truth its a recurrence of an injury I had last year which was a stress reaction/fracture . Its brought about as a result of over-training, increasing distance to quickly or increasing speed/intensity to quickly and not building up slowly. This is my own stupid fault as I hadn’t really done much training since the Dublin marathon at the end of October. I had of course been running but probably not as much as since the beginning of January and also I hadn’t been to a running club session.

So my running has ended temporarily, I’ll lay off for a good couple of weeks & then build up slow although Wokingham half mara is 13/02 so I will have to keep an eye on how I get on as I don’t want to screw up Reading half or Brighton mara.

The positive from this minor setback is that I will be able to get in the pool and on my bike as much as possible. So since Thursday when I last ran I have done the following exercise:

Thursday – Running 2.82 miles in 25:21 and 0.5 mile swim

Friday – No exercise just depression [and a few beers]

Saturday – On the bike to & from the pool 6.95 miles followed by 0.62 mile swim [1000m]

Sunday – Swam 0.62 miles including a 750m timed effort in 20:02 [this is the distance of my triathlon swim] There must have been 50 people in the pool so the time may not have been entirely indicative of what I should be able to do.

Hopefully as a result of my running inactivity my swimming will improve although I still need to get some lessons but can’t find a swim coach in Reading [so if anyone knows of 1 let me know].

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Bombay Bad Boy

Tonight was a running club track session which normally means intervals, and today was no different. Wednesday is always a rush to get out to the club session, this means getting home, making the dinner and getting out. Today I made a risotto with the intention of splitting this between all four of us and me eating after my running club. Unfortunately the quantities of some of recipes that say they serve 4 are wrong so I ended up with nothing.

The running club session was a scorpion session which is 4 x 700m, 4 x 500m & 4 x 300m all done at 10k pace [4:56 minutes/km for me]. The last 100m of each rep had to be done as fast as possible then followed a 100m recovery. After each set the was a 400m recovery lap. This was hard work.  My total distance was 5.92 miles & the total session including all recoveries was 53:30.

Post run refreshment in the absence of risotto was bombay bad boy pot noodle pretty hot but manageable, probably not ideal recovery food but tasty.

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Lunchtime run

Today was the 2nd lunchtime run of Janathon and todays run was done at a more leisurely pace than last weeks. It was good to get out at lunchtime today following a crap morning at work.

We ran 2.78 miles in 22.23 minutes which is an average pace of 8:03 minutes per mile.

I have just spent a really enjoyable hour looking through other blogs and found some great blogs that I wish I could write. Unfortunately I haven’t got much more to write about but just like most of my school reports ‘I will try harder’.

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the running man

The correct title should be ‘the tired man’, boy I am so tired and I can’t think why. Although I am running every day that should give me more energy. I think it must be a throw back from the weekend when I was out late Saturday night, I didn’t drink a drop but on Sunday I had what I can only describe as a ‘sleep hangover’.

As I came out of work tonight it was pouring down which put a real dampener on my running plans and I was half inclined to give it a miss. I did go out but just for a short 1.39 miles in 13:35 minutes. Not one of my best efforts but they all count so at least I still ran.

I am now going to turn my efforts to preparing a 10k training plan for my wife who along with her friend has worked up from run/walk to 5k halloween run and is now looking towards the local village 10k on Bank Holiday Monday in May. Running doesn’t come easy to my wife although she is good at it, its not something that she really wants to do but she been bullied into it by her friend [while under the influence of alcohol] and isn’t willing to say NO! and apparently I’m the stubborn one!

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A long week

Its the end of the 1st full week of Janathon & boy am I glad that’s over but we’ve got to do it all again next week. This week I have swam twice and clocked up about 27 miles, which I am happy with.

A little follow up note to yesterday’s post ‘when Saturday comes’, Reading played well in the afternoon and they are through to the next round of the FA Cup.

Today’s exercise was as follows:

Swimming 750m inc 2 x 200m sprints for my winterswim times, these were 04:19 and 05:27, this now puts me in 7th overall 4 points behind Vicky F

After I had dropped the kids back at home I drove to the footie stadium in order to run the 1st 4 miles of the Reading Half marathon which incorporates the 1st hill. So my mate David and I ran 6.55 miles in 1:04:27 at an average pace of 9 minutes 50.

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When Saturday comes

It can only mean 1 thing, well 2 actually.

The 1st is Parkrun which since its start at Reading has become a regular fixture for me on my running calendar. If I’m not running then I am often helping, this morning was a combination of both – set up the course 1st thing followed by running.

Today I ran around with my mate Phil who is just back from holidays & hadn’t run for 3 wks + so he was wanting a nice bimple around the course, this suited me as well considering this was my 8th day of consecutive running. It was really nice to just run around the course normally I’m trying to beat my own time even by a few seconds just to get the words “new PB” after my result. We had a good chat on the way around as well. The course was really muddy & covered in puddles which leads to the dilemma – to run through them to save 1 or 2 seconds but get soaking feet or go around. Mostly today I opted for the run around.

The run today was 28:11 minutes [official parkrun time] for 5K.

The 2nd thing Saturday means of course as most men will know is football & today is FA Cup weekend. Hopefully Reading will be in the draw for the next round at 4.45pm this evening. Fingers, toes etc crossed – and that’s mainly for no queue in the car park at the stadium today.

Longer run planned for tomorrow, probably 8 miles starting with the 1st 3 miles of the Reading Half Mara course which includes the hill.

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